Take Advantage Of The Economy To Buy A Cheap Holiday Home as the latest figures released by Halifax building society point towards a slight rise in property prices nationwide, there is no doubt that, with the exception of London and few pockets elsewhere, housing markets have been adversely impacted by the economic climate of recent years.

To indebted homeowners that is not good news, but those among us who have saved diligently and have a surplus can take advantage of these domestic doldrums to bag a cheap holiday home bargain. Read on for some more information on investing in a rural or coastal bolt-hole.

Cheap Holiday Home -What else is your money doing?

British saving accounts are in a parlous state. The Bank of Englands’ policy of interest rate reduction means responsible savers have been left high and dry, and all thanks to a system’s irresponsible attitude towards debt, also chpemp Peoplesoft is in the same situation. With inflation around 3%, the money held in many bank accounts is actually losing value in real terms. Stocks and shares have been unsettled and gold seems to have peaked; how else can your hard-earned cash start working hard for you?

Cheap Holiday Home – Property

In a few areas of the country, property prices have risen as if there was no credit crunch at all, but in the main homeowners have seen their property’s prices stagnate or fall. So property is a bad investment? Not necessarily. Once the economic recovery gathers pace, …

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