The term “steroid” has many different connotations, but when it comes to testosterone and steroids, there are basically two kinds: natural and synthetic.

Natural hormones occur in the body at various times during a person’s life.

When these hormones decrease, they naturally decrease muscle mass.

In this article, we’ll dissect the main difference between synthetic, laboratory-made steroids, and naturally produced hormones.

Read on as we reveal the effect each one has on the body.

Testosterone is powerful, naturally produced steroid which usually triggers male sexual characteristics such as Testosterone and sperm production.

The synthetic variety is found mostly in athletes’ use and bodybuilding use.

It contains only a single hormone – testosterone – but mimics the hormone in many ways.

Testosterone and Aromatase One of these ways are by forming aromatase, which converts estrogen into testosterone.

This allows men with high amounts of estrogen to still produce testosterone, but it also gives them a stronger sex drive and deeper, harder erections.

Other benefits from testosterone and aromatase include:

Phentermine A common anabolic agent, phentermine is also found in testosterone replacement therapy products, source.

Because of its similarity to testosterone, phentermine mimics the hormone in many ways, including its ability to convert testosterone into energy.

While some medical professionals believe phentermine to be mildly effective in increasing energy levels (as well as libido), others advise against its use since it can cause potentially serious side effects like sleep disorders.

In addition, like other anabolic agents, phentermine can result in drug …

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