Over the current times, there are a large variety of toys and goodies which children can get and which will go a long way towards helping your child grow and develop the right way. With this particular toy as with any other, the age factor has to be considered since you have to pick the toy based on the age of the child. The child’s age makes it possible to choose the right toy for them and which will be able to influence the child’s growth and development in a positive way. Others also play an important role in making sure that the baby will be well educated while using the toy. One such toy is the Baby Einstein Count and Compose Piano.

With this particular product, the child will have various educational features which come with the toy. Pros
of the Baby Einstein Count and Compose Piano

– It comes with a variety of musical modes and musical instruments which make exceptional tools for the children to practice with – It comes with a variety of three play modes which are the counting mode, the composer mode and the other which sis known as the instrument mode. – It offers a volume control which also comes with a top notch speaker – It also has a provision which is meant to teach the baby the numbers 1-5 in three different languages which are French, English and Spanish. This is made possible when the baby presses a numbered key on the piano. – It therefore combines various forms of baby development which are the auditory, the visual part and also language development. – When in baby composer mode, the baby can be able to compose up to a variety of seven melodies

Other factors to consider with the Baby Einstein Count and Compose Piano

The Baby Einstein Count and Compose Piano come with a large screen which displays colored lights that comes in tune with the classical melodies. The variety offered by the music modes means that the baby will be able to enjoy their time with the toy for longer period of time before they can get bored. The counting mode is another feature which is bound to keep the baby busy given that it jumps in automatically when the piano keys are pressed. When in the baby composer module, dancing light accompanies a successive portion of the melody all the way to the end of the melody. When in the instrument mode, the baby would be able to play various piano keys and then get to hear the notes of the instruments that have just played.